Love. It's a wonderful thing, really. Love encourages, love strengthens, love protects. Love breaks down walls and lifts people up. Love changes lives.

But, here's the thing about love: it's only real when you give it away.

We live in a time of unprecedented prosperity, while at the same time, the need to come alongside the less fortunate has never been greater. Job loss, sickness & disease, car trouble, injury, an unstable economy. Unexpected crisis can stop even the best laid plan in its tracks. But there is hope.

I think we are that hope. You and me. We aren't meant to do life alone, we are a community. And being a community means we come alongside our neighbor in their time of need. The idea behind A Day in the Life is simple, people helping people. This is a place where crisis is met with hope, where need is offered a solution, where people are shown love when they need it most.

I know there is a natural apprehension when considering giving to someone you've never met. That's why we vet each candidate so that you are assured that your gift will be used for the purpose stated. We walk alongside each recipient to ensure that their needs are met and that your money is handled appropriately. In most cases, payments are made directly to a business, hospital or creditor for the services needed, bypassing the individual entirely.

There is no lack of adversity in the world, and we probably won't be able to make it disappear in our lifetime, but we can make life a little better for those around us. We've all faced trials at one time or another and we've all been lent a helping hand. Please take a look at the stories on this site and see where you can show love to someone who desperately needs it.

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