Far Beyond Rescue started as an exchange of ideas between two impassioned and musically inclined believers. After a couple of conversations exploring a unifying and relevant worship platform, the concept became a nagging itch in the back of Aaron Robert's mind despite years of other varied musical endeavors. Finally, he came back to the idea and began to contemplate.

Aaron called on a diverse and motley group of local musicians with equally different backgrounds. Because the hymn texts have already been written, the focus of his efforts is the musical depth of the project. Though the overarching genre is rock, the arrangements feature a large palette of sounds, ranging from intimate to epic.

Without the foundational work of artists such as Kevin Twit, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Greg Thompson, Brian T. Murphy, et al., Far Beyond Rescue would not be a reality. Borrowing inspiration from these and other sources, Aaron's goal is to engage, invite, and challenge the worshiper to present a rich offering to the Lord.

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