ed Far Beyond Rescue Tour
Aaron Robert

Somewhere in the last hundred years, the traditional practice of resetting hymn texts to contemporary melodies has been lost. Moldering hymn texts lie dormant from disuse, but not because of any loss of relevancy or meaningful content. On the contrary, the practice of historical hymnody has become tarnished simply from neglect.

In a post modern context, the concept of blended worship has developed, largely referring to a style of music that alternates traditional hymn tunes and texts with praise songs or choruses; however, the attempt to balance the ratio of hymns to choruses often creates discord and divisive heart attitudes among those passionate about worship.

Far Beyond Rescue is a new project with an old goal: to unite the hearts and voices of believers across the globe. The term blended worship is being redefined as a middle ground where the rich texts of ancient theology are carried by relevant melodies and sounds. The project's goal is to challenge worshipers to examine our hearts and to graciously worship in unity of purpose - the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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